Friday, August 28, 2009

Fruit Bday Cake

Chocolate Bday Cake

Triple layers of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach Theme Wedding Cake

The cake was for Amanda and Nick. Amanda is my husband's niece.
This was my first time to make a wedding cake. I have done so many time researching all about wedding cake. I think wedding cake is more complicated than birthday cake because the cake is being one of the big centerpiece of a wedding, people always enjoy looking at it, most important thing is that the bride and groom have to like it so they will remember about it for a long time. Also the cake has to have layers and fillings between layers and should be different flavor in each layers. Yes, very stressful for a beginner like me. It got more stressful since the wedding is out of town, about 5 hours driving, so my plan was I'd bake the cake at home and iced and decorated the cake there, so that means I had to bring all my baking equipment, my kitchen aid mixer ( Lord knows how heavy that thing is), my tool box, oh my.... everything..everything.
The closer it got, the more nervous I was, and I could not make a decision of what kind of cake and fillings I'd use, crazy isn't it? Until the day of making the cake, I was still not 100% sure!...
Long story short.... I made sponge cakes and the fillings were raspberry and blueberry.
I had to take 2 days off work to prepare all this.

Thank God, we had a small refrigerator in the motel we stayed so I could store my cakes in there. The next day, when its time to begin making the icing, oh darn!!!!! I left my turning table at home!!! the most important thing in cake decorating... and we stayed in a small island which doesnt have a craft store I could buy one. So that morning, my husband took me around the town and finally we found a lazy susan, not for decorating but for snack display, very pretty and the price was very pretty too, $37...????? instead of $5 at a craft store....oh well, my husband decided to buy it anyway coz he refused to spent anymore time. He wanted to go swimming at the beach.
So I just made my investment for that, and then we went to the beach... time went by and we only got another 2 hours for me to make the buttercream icing, decorating the cake, stacking the tiers, showered and got ready for the wedding,....omg.... crazyness!!!!
Nothing came out good when you do anything in a hurry. The buttercream tended to melt in this kind of wheather so I could not get the frosting as smooth as I wanted. I was very very dissapointed to myself... of not having enough time to do that. I wasn't happy about doing that in such a hurry. I said to myself, this is gonna be my first and last wedding cake to make in my life.

I assembled the cake in the reception room and the room was hot!, I know the A/C was working, but they decided to have the door open.... and whose stupid idea was that of putting the wedding cake table near by the kitchen and the exit door ????!!! ... gosh ..have you done any research about wedding cake as much as I have???? I dont think soooo...
Long story short.... you can see so many bumps on the cake because of melting buttercream.
Then I was relieved when the bride and the groom personally came to my table twice ! and thanked me for how marvelous and delicious the cake was. Phew...
and everybody really loved the cake, you should see people got in line to have a piece of my cake! and nothing left only the sugar sands...LOL...and I heard from so many people that the cake was the best cake ever..... huh? what? are you serious?
The compliments were continued everytime people saw me until the next day when we left the island, they remembered I was the one who made the cake, it was such a lovely feeling for me.

I thank You Lord, because I couldn't do this without Your help. Yes, I prayed a lot for this, I prayed that I could be a blessing for the bride and groom, and also to other people. So I'm giving back all the praises and compliments to my Lord, Jesus.

Dora Birthday Cake

Birthday cake for beautiful Debora.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Spectacular Green Tea Cake

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog daily, but I will post some pictures occasionally to let you know that my blog hasn't died yet. Many thanks to all my loyal friends who still stopping by to my kitchen. I love you.......

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Church Cake

Happy 12th Anniversary to IBC Church, Washington DC.
For me, making a 3-D cake is for advanced cake decorating. I have no skill how to make it, but my imagination went too high from my ability.
Only by God's grace to make it happened.
You notice so many unperfect work on the cake because it was not plenty of time, the decorating was done in the last minute, and that made me more nervous and started panicking.
I didn't have time to make the writing.
But this won't make me stop. Yes, I will try to make more of 3-D cakes....

Black Forest