Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicken with Cream of Mushroom

Part I: Fried chicken breast
Part II: Cream of mushroom (canned)
Part III: Sauted mushroom

Weekend Blogging

Lunch: Lamb Gyros as my "after the gym meal"

Steve b-day dinner: Flank steak, shrimp fajita, baby back rib, grilled chicken, mashed potato and corn on the cob from Austin Grill.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bench it like Beckham

Can't say this anymore, coz he was really playing last nite, not sitting on the bench. Not that I'm a huge fan of beckham until last nite I saw him in person. First of all I want you to know that I was dissapointed to myself not to buy tickets long time ago. When I knew the tickets were sold out, I realized how big this game gonna be. I wanted to get this for Steve b-day's present. Some people held tickets to resell with crazy prices I didn't want to spend that kind of money to see this guy. The lowest offer was at least double price than normal. So I put an ad in craigslist like this:
Help me... 2 tickets needed for DC United vs Galaxy on Aug 9. I'm looking for someone with a good heart to sell their tickets to me with a fair price. I know there is a good person out there willing to help me with a birthday surprise. Please contact me.

No body replied to my ad, so I had to post again and again with different words, and until the 4th ad someone email me and wanted to sell those tix with the price affordable, still not cheap though. Short story, I set up appointement to meet the guy/girl. I was praying that that was not a scam and the person was not a serial killer or something like that so meeting at a public place is the smart choice. So, I met her, yes thank God it was a girl and nice. I got the tickets in hand and after I got home I wrapped it and gave it to Steve and told him was his early b-day present. He opened it and he was surprised of of he saw. He was so excited and jumped around. Gals, when you see that kind of moment it was really priceless, and I thank God, I didn't waste the money to pay.
The next day, he took me to a soccer store to buy soccer's jersey. He wanted to wear DC United and he was shock that I told him I wanted to wear number 23, and I couldn't change my mind. Then he made rules that I cannot cheer for that blonde guy and his team, I can only cheer for our home town team. Yeah yeah yeah....

At the game...
The stadium was full and all seat were filled with 47,ooo people. I never saw a game like this where almost all eyes were watching to one guy. Whatever he did, people clapped for him. Yes, include me, and I missed seeing the only goal DC made, then Steve told me twice, "you have to pay attention to the game!!!! you'll see when he's in the field playing. People got crazier when he got up from the bench and warming up coz that's a chance he's about to play. And when he took off his outer jersey, I was screaming with all Beckham fans, and Steve asked me," what are you cheering for?" coz that's nothing going on the game, and I was screaming. LOL.
He finnaly got in the field and played for 20 minutes, whew what a record. Steve thanked me for getting the tickets and he had a good game, but I really...really had a blast time! DC beat Galaxy 1-0, but who cares?

Honey, I didn't see beckham...

What a reap off! $23 meal for fish$chips and brisket sandwich.

That's the blonde guy

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Weekend

Girls nite out on my mother in law 85th b-day dinner
This is what I had, tenderloin steak and arugula with parmesan cheese

Girls at Indonesian Independence day's bazaar.
Me, Iya, Nuke, Hessy and Ike