Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I, steve, his mom, Denny, Missy went to visit Richard&Mirriam family in Phoenix, AZ for a week. Yes, what a crowd and I cannot explain or describe in the right words of the trip. Just couple of words maybe, the view was amazing, and the food were incredibly delicious. We were also invited by the Hamlin for an unforgetable luncheon. Imelda cooked tons of foods and desserts that's hard to forget for a long time. She also invited Wulan, kevin, Henny, Tari, Asri and Rachel. Most of them had to drive long hours to meet us. What a wonderful people we met specially the host, Imelda dan Dirk. They are very friendly, kindness and generous. We cannot thank you enough for the warmest welcome when we were in your place.

Richard, Miriam, Itzy and Richie, thank you so much for the hospitality during our stays. Miriam and I had a wonderful time together, thank you for taking me to places and I hope I brought you a little peace in your heart, if you know what I mean.

Friends, my love is always with you all wherever we are, and I'm hoping to see you again there or here in DC. See you....!