Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our little Trips

Sorry for not updating the blog. I was occupied with many things, but I had lots lots of fun these days. Thank you Jesus for your blessings everyday in my life and for all my family and friends who made my life so beautiful.

Last week May 18, we had the opportunity to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. We went to Williamsburg VA and spent the night there. Williamsburg is a colonial town that you can get to know American history.

We left fairly early on saturday morning, drove about 3 hours and we got there around noon, checked in hotel, and we walked to downtown to have a nice lunch where we can sit outside (Steve always wants to sit outside wherever we go). We walked back to the hotel and took a nap, our favorite thing to do together LOL...

In the evening we dressed up and went to Collonial Inn to have a special dinner. Steve wore a tie and suit, I wore a dress because in this restaurant, you have to dress like that or they will rent you one LOL. I had duck breast, and it's so good, so tender and melt in my mouth. Steve had a plate full of seafood. Steve told the waiter that we're celebrating our anniversary, and after that, she brought us a surprise for our dessert, everyone knows what this is, so lovely.

Then, Sunday May 25, since we had a holiday on Monday, Steve wanted to spend time out of town again.
He said, we're cruising babe.... yeepee...thank God we really enjoy spending time together and exploring new places, driving or by foot. My husband knows many things, he is also my personal GPS. One thing I like about my husband, when I think he drove in the wrong way, he never turned around, or asked direction (no way! so girly), he just kept going, and said we'll get there and thank God that Steve discovered our universe is round not flat. What a fun trip I always have with my husband.
So this time he wanted to go to Charlotsville, VA to see ThomasJefferson house. We left in early evening after the church, and for two hours driving, we got there and had dinner at downtown. We sat outside and had several appetizers and beers.

The next day we had breakfast at the downtown, we really enjoyed spending time there. Then we went to Monticello, the house of Thomas Jefferson. Beautiful house and garden. After that we went back to downtown and had lunch there, drinking beers again.... when the day is hot like that, the iced cold beer just what we need. We drove home by passing by the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah Mountain, the view was amazing. We got home late, but I was hungry for Indonesian food. So I made Indomie for both of us... hmmm so delicious.
Thanks baby for the wonderful trips, many many years to come, and I love you so much.

Netty's Baby's Shower

Ike, Netty, Yuyun, me, Eny and Yaty
We're preparing for the tumpeng
Tumpeng Komplit
All Photos courtesy by Yaty Yasir

When Indonesian girls get together, you know what happens, its always so much fun, great food, great laughs. We can't do this so often tho, because we all live apart. Our friend Netty is expecting her first baby, so Eny and I made her a surprised baby's shower. Not everybody could make it because it was a holiday weekend, but the party must go on, and yes, was successful, there are things I forgot to do or to take, but not a big deal. I got a panic attack when I fried the perkedel, they exploded successfully. We indeed had a blast time. My emotion was undescribeable, I could laugh and cry at the same time. The house filled with our loud voices, laughs, sometimes screams. Eat so much foods. We gathered together all the food to make tumpeng komplit. Netty, the mom to be, made us lontong sayur. So much foods, rujak, talam ubi, es buah selasih from Yaty, just perfect meals for everybody.
Thanks to Netty& Jim for your unexpected welcome to us, Eny+Tom, Yaty+David, Fetty+Bob, Ike, Yuyun, and kids.... love you all, and hope to see you again pretty soon....