Monday, March 9, 2009

Bridal Shower Cup Cakes

I made these cuppies for Maria's bridal shower. OK, I did not choose the color, but the theme of the wedding is gonna be pink. I couldn't take good pictures because I was not in the mood, I didn't want anybody saw me taking picture of my cakes, I just wanted to be away from the cake table, I don't know why I always nervous about presenting my cakes to anybody. I'd rather just drop the cake and gooooooooooo, but this time I had to be there for the party.
But... thank God for helping me. I got really really great compliments, not only for the prettyness, but also for the taste. The girls went nuts seeing my cuppies, histerical I could say...hahahaha.... and the next day at church, my husband also got the words from people about it. I'm not bragging, but I can't believe myself.
Phew.. again, I was so relieved.