Monday, June 30, 2008

My first Edible Image Cake

I made this cake for one of my pastor birthday, Om Johnny. I thought it would be cool to have his old photos on the cake so thank God his daughter gave me a couple. So I took the photos a cake shop and asked them to print on an edible sheet for my cake, they charged me $10 for it.
I decided to make chocolate cake since most people love chocolate, and really expensive to buy real chocolate cake here.
I took it the the church and everybody was laughing to see his old photos on the cake, and when he walked in the room, he was so surprised and laughing so hard to see his old photograps.
I was so happy to make people laugh, it was just priceless to me.

Behind the scene:

I was browsing the get a really really good chocolate cake recipe and I chose to make sacher cake because of the testimonies I gathered around the bloggers. They said this cake is so rich in chocolate taste and easy to make. I loved the dark chocolaty color that I was looking for when I saw the photos on my friend's blogs. Most of them look so moist.

The recipe didn't tell how long the cake should be baked. So I baked it about 40-45 minutes. The top of the cake cracked all over and that didn't make me happy.
I cooled it down for 3 hours, wrapped it in plastic and put in refrigerator.
The next day, I cut the cake in half to make double layer. But the cake didn't cut so easily, little bit hard to cut and was not smooth at all. The taste was just okay, the texture was kinda dry to me eventhough I gave plenty of syrup/rhum to moist the cake. I didn't know what went wrong. The recipe said to bake the cake in 2 pans, but I baked in 1 pan, because my oven is small, I cannot put more than 1 pan at a time.
But...... I'll try again next time when I get over this sacher blue.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Botok Teri Daun Singkong

- Daun singkong
- Teri medan 1 bungkus
- Santen 2 kaleng
- Telor 3 butir
- Lengkuas
Bumbu yg dihaluskan:
- 5 bw.merah
- 5 bw.putih
- 3 cabe merah besar
- 1 sdt terasi
- 3 sdm gula merah
- 5 kemiri sangrai
- garem+merica
Rebus daun singkong selama 10 menit, dinginkan lalu potong kecil2.
Campur semua bahan lalu bungkus dgn daun pisang, kukus selama 30 menit.