Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snow Day at work

Not many people showed up at work and only the "dedicated" employees are here, don't feel like doing work, just sitting back and dicussing about the wheather. What a tipical snow days in America. Good thing my boss is in the other part of the universe.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cream Puffs

Yesterday was a snow day. Almost everything was cancelled, and we both didn't go to work, not that we attemped to go but o well...*dancing* ...hahaha....We didnt do much but watching TV and surf the internet. He didn't want to eat breakfast or lunch, he said he wanted to take a nap. But after 12 o'clock I was hungry and offered him something to eat, he still didn't want anything. I couldn't understand how a human being refuse to eat in this cold wheather! I myself had a big glass of blended fruits and macadamia cookies and indomie. I didn't know what to do and I felt like baking something. I decided to make cream puffs since he loves em and I do, too, and I want to practice more. So here the are. For recipe http://pennylanekitchen.blogsome.com/2005/07/31/choux-pastry-aka-kue-sus