Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chicken Porridge

- 2 cups of rice
- 2 L water
- 1 tsp salt
- 1 carton chicken broth

- Shredded fried chickens
- Sliced chakwe bread
- Fried onions
- Sliced spring onions
- Padi oat crackers / Emping
- Sambal kemiri

I cooked this porridge with a slow cooker. I put all the porridge ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning before I left to work. When I got home in the evening, voila! I had chicken porridge done by itself without me stiring it.
So I after that I just need to fry the chicken, fry the emping and cut up the rest ingredients for the toppings.
I made kemiri sambal too which is red chillies, kemiri and garlic.
I serve it with one raw egg yolk in the bottom of my bowl, pour right away the hot porridge, put all toppings on top, and serve with soy sauce and sambal.
Phew! I finally had eaten what I've been craving all day yesterday since we had cold days lately.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Little snacks for a shower

I made these for Santy's bridal shower on Saturday. I put purple tissue for the tray to macth her purple wedding theme. Hope you all like them.


Monday, October 15, 2007


My grandmother always brought me this when she came over our house in Jakarta. I missed my grandma so much and I missed when she left all of us to be with the Lord last year. I couldn't go home because I was ill. I really wanted to eat this so I tried to get the recipe online and found it. So simple and so easy to make.

  • 1 lb peanuts with the skins still attach

  • 1 block palm sugar (about 200 gr)

  • 2 inches ginger

  1. Toast the peanuts in the skillet

  2. Grate the ginger and squeeze to get the liquid

  3. Cut palm sugar into chunk

  4. Put palm sugar and ginger in a pot, cook in low heat until sugar melt for about 10 minutes until you get the consistency of caramel sugar.

  5. Turn off the stove, add all the peanuts into the melted sugar.

  6. Righ away scoop one tablespoon on a greased aluminium foil or parchment paper quickly.

  7. Let it cool and ready to eat.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Ramadhan Everybody

Nastar ala Fatma NCC
300 gr mentega & margarine
75 gr gula tepung
4 btr kuning telur
1 btr putih telur1 sdt
1 sdt vanilla pasta
40 gr tepung maizena
35 gr susu bubuk FC
450 gr tepung terigu (protein sedang)
bahan olesan:
5 btr kuning telur
1 sdm air
1 sdm mentega leleh
Cara membuat:
- Kocok mentega. Margarine, gula tepung dan vanilla pasta hingga pucat, masukkan telur, kocok lagi hingga mengembang (lk. 2 menit)
- Masukkan tepung, susu, dan maizena, aduk rata. Adonan siap diisi selai nanas
Selai Nanas:
1 kg nanas yg sudah di haluskan
300 gr gula pasir
1 ruas kayu manis
1 bh biji cengkih
- Masak nanas diatas api sedang hingga airnya surut, masukkan gula pasir, kayu manis dan cengkih, masak terus hingga kental.- Buat bulatan kecil untuk isi nastar