Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am officially a cake lady

My first decorated cake

I'm so proud of myself. Seriously if you're not a baker, decorating a cake could cause many problems such as severe headached, twisted your back bones or carpal tunnel syndrome. I came to work the other day with my hand still sore. After 4 weeks taking for course 1, finally last night I got my diploma. Steve couldn't believe when I brought home this cake that I and Lucy made it and because it's so beautiful, he refused to cut it.
I am glad that I can proudly pronounce myself as a cake lady.

So I want to take this opportunity to thanks many people:

1. Steve, my husband: Thank you for paying this course for me.
You are my inspiration and such a supportive husband and I know that you want me to spread my wings and do what I really love to do which are baking and cooking. Eventhough you are not a sweettooth person but I want to thank you so much that you, since the day we got married to be my guinea pig.

2. Ibu, My mother: I dedicated this whole baking ideas and work for you because you are my teacher and the first person who introduce me to baking and cooking world.

3. Sonia, my Wilton teacher: I was so fortunate to have you taught our class. Thank you for being such talented person and so patience specially to me and Lucy eventhough we're always behind and slow learner. You are so nice to us and I think you should have punished Lucy for not bringing her cake last night but you didn't. We hope to have your class again in the future.

4. Lucy, my partner in crime: Too much to say about you, but we better stop talking too much and get to work on our "Big Project", wedding cake business as our dream.
Me and my partner in crime

Me and Sonia my teacher


Febrie Pereiza said...

waahhh udah belajar .. ajarin dunk .. plg gak bisa nih menghias cake begituan .. hiiiksss purple pulaa .... buat aku aja dehhh ...

Dwiana P said...

congrat Wita! ini kursusnya di Michael bukan? pake produknya Winton. Dulu gw pernah ikutan juga cuma sekarang dah gk mood u/ dekorate susah ada si dedek. anyway maju terus Wit... ditunggu karya2 selanjutanya:)

Widya Puteri said...

witaaa... congrats ya say.. tuh kan kamu pasti bisa :D latih terus ya.. kalo ada kue nganggur langsung hias hehehe..

tie said...

waaahhhh hebat.. rapih banget congrat yah mba.... asik nih bisa kursus jadi pengen ikutan nih ;) btw warnanya cakeeppp :)

Anonymous said...

Jeng Wita, asoi geboi cake-nya...cantik banget...Boleh dah aku dibikinin.

Anonymous said...

Sepurone, Jeng...kuwi mau aku, Eny R. Oh ternyata dirimu ambil kursus nya, berguna sekali loh, Jeng. Bisa jadi side-income.