Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm not an alien

Not much to say, i'm no longer an alien in this country. After 11 years dealing with "you know who", today I feel like I have won the battle, yup..that's why I got the flag! It was a beautiful ceremony, Steve and my mom in law were with me. I was glad I had the wheelchair today becoz it's a big building. But... elevator was out of order! so Steve had to carry me on the stairs, long stairs. After ceremony, we went back to town and had lunch at Bartucci. I ordered Linguini Primavera to be my first meal as an american, and ate em all, nothing left, yes I overate, just try to fit american way of eating...hahaha. The pictures above are not great, I just want to have them for the proof. This is a blessing from the Lord, He has granted me more power and freedom to live in this country. God bless America.

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carrotdude_md said...

Wita, Congratulations on your citizenship! I'm proud and lucky to know you!