Saturday, January 27, 2007

American Risoles

It is called american risoles because the filling was modified to american taste. The taste is like asian style ham and cheese breakfast sandwich. Steve can eat this as a meal like 10 pieces, lol... and eat them with hot peppers like I do. He brought some to work and his friends were crazy about it and wanted the recipe. One said to me, wita will you marry us? lol...

- 300 gr flour
- 3 eggs
- 300 ml milk
- 450 water
- 2 tbs oil
- salt

- Smoke beef/ham/turkey, slice
- white cheese, slice
- boiled eggs, slice
- mayonaise

Combine all ingredients for the crepes. Make the crepes with nonstick omelet pan, try to be as thin as possible. After done making crepes, fill it with the filling ingredients and seal it with egg white. Dip in egg white and bread crumbs. Fry until brown.

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Netty said...

Yg isi kayak elu ini belum sempet dicoba...boleh juga idenya.
Emang bener Wit..orang bule demen banget sama risoles...ludes tak bersisa :->